We outsource our server space to a national third party company. This way, we are better able to meet your technical support & design needs. Our rates are competitive plus you get the added benefit of our maintaining and updating your website for you!

Please Note: Our Hosting Plans provide only limited tech support and do not provide any maintenance procedures or security measures. For these services including full technical support, we recommend purchasing one of our Maintenance Care Plans.

1 Hosting Plan + 1 Maintenance Care Plan = 20% off the total
(Plus an additional 10% off when paid annually)

Website Hosting Fees

Hosting Fees include the following:

  • Lease of Server Space
  • Minor updating & tweaks by CEWEbsites*
  • Limited technical support*
  • 10% Off on additional services by CEWebsites
  • Annual Domain Name Renewal (1st domain only)

Self-Managed Blogs:

CEWebsites Managed Blogs & Landing Pages:

Brochure Websites:

E-Commerce & Other Integrated Platforms:
Start at $29.95/mo

*(Does not apply to self-managed blogs)