Need a logo or custom graphic for your business? an event? or a family reunion? Eppie (owner & head designer) has been creating graphic designs for businesses and individuals for nearly 30 years. She knows what's current & on trend, but also creates "retro" designs too. She designs with your style preferences & business needs in mind. Our designs will meet both print and digital needs. So, if the initial project is for a t-shirt, it can still be used online in a Facebook Ad and vice versa.

We also offer Photo Treatment services. Do you have a shoebox full of old, faded & creased family photos? Try our Photo Restoration Service. Or maybe you've taken several great candid family photos, but the only one the baby is smiling in is the one where your Uncle has eyes closed. With our Photo Enhancement Service, we can "create" a merged photo (one with open eyes and smiles).

Custom Graphic Designs


Yes, we design logos, but we also create graphics to enhance your company blog, newsletters, and emails. We design background images, wearables (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.), signage, ads (both print & digital), posters and more, so much more. Whether it's for business or individual use, if you have a project and need a graphic created for it, we can design it.

For each project, we do an initial consultation (15-30 minutes) to determine the project's, what it will be used for (digital and/or print) and what your "color" requirements are (full-color, 4-color, 2-color, 1-color, and/or black & white / grayscale. A strategy session may be required for larger graphic design projects, such as for multiple designs or multiple design uses.

$ - $$ per design/project

Graphic Design Projects


Need a better idea of the type of Graphic Design Projects we do? Here's an abbreviated list of what we can design for you.

  • Logos, Backgrounds, & Other Graphics
  • Business Suite: business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, coupons, reports, etc.)
  • Posters & Flyers
  • Cards, & Notepads
  • Banners & Signs
  • Booklets & Programs
  • Postcards, Mailing Labels
  • Pamplets, Brochures & Promo Cards
  • T-Shirts, Hoodies, Towels, etc.)

Didn't see your project listed? Call us to see if we do.

NOTE: We only provide the graphic and layout files. We do not provide the actual item.

$ - $$ per design/project

Digital Photo Restoration


Old photos don't always age well. They can often have water stains, creasing, tears, holes, and parts torn off. While we can't return the actual photo to its original glory, we can digitally restore most photos by eliminating some if not all of the "aging" process.

Through an initial consultation (15-30 minutes), we'll determine what you would like done to the photo(s) and what can realistically be restored. We then take hi-resolution digital copies of the old photographs to use in the digital restoration process.

$ - $$ per photo project

Digital Photo Enhancement


Ever taken the "perfect" photo only to discover afterward that there was an airline contrail dominating the sky or a wispy hair centered over a person's eye? Our Photo Enhancement service can eliminate the "unsightly" features from your photos (digital & film). We can add & subtract features - even people. Using multiple digital versions of the same photo, we can make sure people are looking at the camera, smiling, and have open, non-red eyes.

If we're working from an older, film printed photograph, we'll take a hi-resolution digital copy of it to use during the enhancement process. Clients receive an initial consultation to determine the scope of the project & hi-resolution digital copies of the "enhanced" photos for their personal collection and usage.

$ - $$ per photo project