The CEWebsites' Story

Take 2 toddlers under the age of 2 + 2 frazzled parents + the need for better financial stability + a little creative inspiration = the birth of CEWebsites.

CEWebsites (Chris & Eppie) began in 2000 as an internet solution for Eppie to sell her paintings and crafts online. We’ve since designed nearly 100 websites for clients in industries such as travel, sports, real estate, retail, education, beauty, non-profits & more - and have yet to build the “art” website for Eppie.

We believe that a customized website shouldn’t be just for industry leaders & big business, but for local “Mom & Pop” enterprises too. So, we actively work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises & non-profits to provide them with effective, efficient and affordable websites.

Our Design Philosophy

We have develop & design for functionality by integrating the following two principals into our website or graphic design projects.

KISS (Keep It Simple Silly!):
We don't throw every trick in the book into every design every time. Most websites (or graphics) don't need all the bells and whistles, but a design that is simple and easy to use on every platform and viewing device.

D-LIMO (Design - Like It's My Own):
We want your website to be successful for you, your employees, and your customers. We continually work with our clients to modify and improve their websites by adjusting the design, text, and images as well as keeping them updated on the latest coding trends & requirements. We want you to succeed.


We've been providing Website Development & Internet Marketing solutions for small businesses for 18 years and Graphic Designs for nearly 30 years. Improve your online presence with CEWebsites

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